The Special Education Teacher

The Special Education Teacher

Most of us already know the answer to this question, but do you really know what it takes to be a special education teacher?  This person works with students who have emotional, physical, mental or learning disabilities. Most will say it takes a lot of patience and understanding, but it also requires a lot of love. Depending on the severity of the disability the special education teacher will have to modify the teaching and lessons strategy to suit the student’s needs. With more severe disabilities the student is being taught how to be independent, math, communication and basic literacy.

A special education teacher will normally either have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Special Ed. Unlike regular teachers, special education teachers’ job responsibility is quite bigger. These students require a lot of individual attention to help them grow and improve, it’s up to the special education teacher to collaborate with other teachers and staff to make sure a student’s needs are met.  Seeing that there are a lot of parent-teacher meetings, this person needs to be able to work under pressure and be professional at all times.

How long does it take to become a special education teacher? It takes about four years to major in special ed. They have a choice to specialize in teaching students with severe or moderate disabilities and they also have a choice whether they want to teach pre-school, middle school or high school students.  They also have a set time in which they have to complete their major’s degree. There are also organizations they can join to access information and materials to help them in their teachings.

You’ll find a special education teacher either in a private or public school; everything depends on the severity of the student’s disability. These teachers aren’t just bound to schools; you’ll also find them at residential facilities or in hospitals. This you’ll find in cases where the student can’t be moved and has to stay at home or in the hospital. If this person is working with infants or small children they normally also work from the parents’ home, they work with the parents to develop the child’s skills.

The working hours for a special education teacher are normally the same as for any other teachers. Everything depends on the type of employment as some of them even work during summer vacations. All teachers take up the job because they love working with children, but taking on a job as special as this does take a lot of love and patience. Everyone is entitled to an education no matter what their disability might be.

Teachers normally need a license to teach, this is a certificate. The state schools require you to have one but in some private schools, it’s not a requirement. In some, if this person has a lot of experience he/she can become a lead teacher or mentor.  These people really do have the passion and drive to help students with special needs. They’re not just there to teach, but they learn every day as well. There’s so much we can learn from people with disabilities.

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