The Deadly Ethical Problem With Science

Epidemiology is the legally accepted medical science upholding the evolutionary health and well-being of communities. The development of ethical intent within communities is therefore crucial. The worship of a personal ethical infinite God, gods or goddesses, can be considered to be a natural evolutionary intuition belonging to communities. In that case it is reasonable to allow infinite fractal geometrical logic to be associated with emotional ethics research.

From that biological perspective, prohibiting such mathematical logic to be associated with the living process becomes unethical behaviour. Modern science can be considered unethical because Einstein and other scientists agreed all of the sciences must be governed by the law of thermal extinction, prohibiting existing life in the universe to express itself as a logical infinite mathematical expression. The error of that unethical death cult obsession becomes obvious when nano-scale high-resolution cellular photographic images show up as infinite fractal expressions.

Steven Hawking, and many other eminent scientists have pointed out that the prevailing technological obsession with artificial intelligence is the greatest mistake ever made by humanity. Unfortunately, as accepted scientists they conform to the fundamental structure of modern science. Therefore, they cannot imagine an antidote to this great carcinogenic scientific mindset mistake. Research funding for the antidote is in the hands of what the corporate sector refers to as scientific ethical behaviour. As explained above, that concept constitutes a scientific disregard of fundamental ethical human behaviour. Instead, the pursuit of financial gain is of paramount importance. No thought of financial gain from appropriate ethical technologies associated with new quantum biological neurological discoveries can enter into such a corporate mindset.

This is short-sighted because the crucial antidote is known to utilize information logic flowing counter-wise to the presiding death cult obsession. Government, by the acceleration of the carcinogenic flow of the energies of mechanical chaos, simply refers to a high-speed social machine, now quickly wearing itself out.

Epidemiology scientists have identified a 3D virus within modern society that has now become an incurable epidemic. They can only provide band-aid medicine to alleviate the damage it is creating throughout the world. The corporate race to make continual profit from ever new information and communication devices, carriers of this virus epidemic of the mind, is far more dangerous than the past use of asbestos sheeting to build houses.

The discovery that junk DNA is not evolutionary junk but rather provides evolutionary health and well-being information is important. Recent quotes from scientists investigating this discovery, published by the journal Nature entitled “ENCODE: The Human Encyclopaedia” are important. They acclaimed it as a treasure trove of information and that it is “a 3D puzzle that has to be put together”.

Unfortunately, it appears that the scientists have no understanding about the ethical nature of the 3D puzzle. It would be a good start for them to examine the philosopher of science, Immanuel Kant’s prediction that ethics are represented within the creative artistic mind as an “asymmetrical electromagnetic” inner vision. To do that they can simply obtain a pair of the appropriate stereoscopic 3D glasses and view paintings over the centuries to observe the natural evolution of inner stereoscopic vision within the human mind. Having a scientific appreciation of this phenomenon they can begin to research the antidote to the 3D virus epidemic that the epidemiologists have given up on.

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